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Welcome to Adeline Global Ltd., your trusted supply chain partner with offices in Dubai and Hong Kong. We provide a wide range of services.We specialize in a wide variety of services such as procurement, sourcing, technical assessment, quality assurance, logistics, and distribution. With a dedication to quality and a global presence, we are committed to improving your supply chain and ensuring the success of your commercial ventures.

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Integrated global forwarding solutions

What makes us standout


Navigating Complex Markets

We specialize in handling the most difficult sections of the market where transparency and flexibility are limited. Our experience rests in navigating these complexities to discover hidden possibilities and provide unique solutions.


Supply Chain Transparency

We increase supply chain transparency by concentrating on places where products and services are hard to discover. Through extensive research and strategic collaborations, we provide visibility and accessibility, allowing our clients to make intelligent choices.


Optimized Pricing Strategies

In markets where products and services are highly priced, we specialize at implementing optimum pricing strategies. Using our market knowledge and negotiation abilities, we acquire competitive pricing and optimize value for our customers.

worldwide reach

Connecting Businesses Across Continents

With over a decade of solid experience in this field, our team contributes unique knowledge and insights to all aspects of supply chain management. Using our deep expertise and industry best practices, we have effectively navigated different difficulties, developed our tactics, and consistently provided great outcomes for our clients. 

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Bridging Continents, Connecting Markets

With offices¬†in bustling centers like Dubai and Hong Kong, we effortlessly link every part of the world, providing unrivaled supply chain solutions. From the expanding Middle Eastern markets to Asia’s dynamic trade networks and beyond, our worldwide footprint offers efficient sourcing, transparent audits, and skilled logistical services. Wherever your company works, trust us to cross continents and reimagine supply management for you.

greatest asset

our people & Team

Founded by a team of seasoned experts with over a decade of combined industry expertise, our firm indicates a new era in supply chain excellence. We’ve set out to redefine standards and provide our clients with outstanding service, driven by our enthusiasm and experience. With a depth of experience and a common goal, we are ready to discover new territory and surpass expectations in every attempt.